Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Upon further consideration...

I was right. I WAS crazy to commit to posting on my blog every single day for six weeks--and to keep it to 300 words, no less. I was right when I said you doom yourself with such rigidity. I should have listened to myself when I noted that some long-term habits are more successful when you allow for a little flexibility. So... after just one week, I think I'm bailing already.


As for the word-count limit, that was harder than I thought it would be. The first couple of days, it was kind of fun to keep trimming and trimming unnecessary words to get down to the arbitrary limit I had set for myself. It was a nice exercise in cleaning up my writing. But, the next couple of days I started having trouble making any point at all in my blog without exceeding the limit. So, I went over. I figured no one was counting anyway. (Yesterday's post was 126 words over the limit. So sue me.)

Posting every day is also proving to be more difficult than I expected. No, strike that. I expected it to be challenging. But, it turns out it's more difficult than it's worth. I mean, I want to write. I want to write every day. And I want to post regularly. But, I also have other obligations—including sleep.

Plus, unexpected things come up that also need my attention, like a sick child (poor thing is on her second day of a fever and sore throat). Plus, we have company coming tomorrow and I should actually be cleaning right now. PLUS, I ate something tonight that gave me such a stomachache.... (If you ever wonder if it's okay to eat kale when some pieces have little brown spots on them, even though it's a brand new bag and even if you try to pick around the suspect pieces, I'd say NO. Don't chance it.)

Anyway, dear reader, I am hereby giving myself a reprieve on the silly challenge I set. I will keep writing as often as possible. But probably not every day.

And that, FYI, took me exactly 363 words to say.


Deb said...

hey jennifer - i have to say i was REALLY impressed. I was exhausted for you every time i saw a new post pop up in my reader - "wow - she did it again!" but i was also enjoying it, and i hadn't noticed you were over your word limit. it's a great skill to be concise. i lack it entirely (i posted yesterday without checking word count. this morning it seemed long so i checked: over 1,000 words! woops. i'm not usually THAT bad!)

i try to post about once a week. it gives me time to brainstorm on one day then come back later to clean it up. still, i'm sorry it didn't work out for you. still, looking forward to your next post - don't wait until 2013!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Deb. I think posting once a week makes a lot of sense. That was my original goal once upon a time. Then, after I dropped off, I guess I felt I needed to shake things up and send myself to blogging bootcamp or something. Ugh. Oh well, at least I'm more warmed up now, so I should be able to post more than before. Thanks for the encouragement!

Krista Myer said...

I love that I've known you for so long. All this makes perfect sense to me! And you make me smile with your writing, no matter how often, or how many words you use, or whatever. xo :-)

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Krista! That makes it all worthwhile. :)